How We Work Together

We don’t perform any general care procedures like flea and tick prevention, annual vaccines or routine spay/neuters unless directly related to an emergency health concern. We decline any requests of this nature and encourage the pet owner to establish a relationship with a family practice like yours. We see ourselves as a part of your team. Once a pet is under our care, we’ll confer with you on any questions and regularly update you with diagnostic results and recovery status. We’ll continue to maintain contact with you throughout hospitalization until the pet has recovered and can be transferred back to your care. At that time, we’ll send updated medical records and radiographs along with follow-up care instructions so that your records are accurate and complete, and you feel prepared to provide medical support.

If your patient requires overnight care with us after a specialty procedure, we automatically transfer that patient to our inpatient team. However for walk in emergency cases that require specialty care, both you and the pet owner will be consulted first to request authorization that the pet be transferred to the appropriate department. Our specialty and emergency teams work very closely to ensure a seamless transition of care for all patients.

Specialist Phone Consultations

In evaluating your patients, we gladly provide free telephone consultations, even if you don’t plan on referring a particular case to us for further care. Call us at any time to consult with one of our specialists.


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Continuing Education

We offer a variety of education opportunities for veterinarians and technicians alike. From Lunch & Learns and Meet & Greets at your hospital, to CE lectures and symposiums, we want you and your team to stay abreast of the recent innovations and new treatment options that allow us to provide the best care possible.

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If you would like to schedule a Lunch & Learn or Meet & Greet, please contact Stephanie Claffey


Veterinarian FAQs

Here are a few common questions that you may have about our hospital.

When positioning for a TPLO radiograph, make sure to have a lateral view of the stifle with the hock and stifle each held at a 90 degree angle. The second view needed is sternal with the affected limb stretched out behind the body. The patella should be lined up with the metatarsus to ensure that the leg is as straight as possible.

When an overnight emergency case comes to us, we may or may not recommend that the patient be transferred to our specialty team or to your clinic based on the prognosis. We will always confer with you on this decision.

If your patient requires overnight care after a specialty procedure, we automatically transfer that pet to our emergency team. Conversely in the case of an emergency that requires specialty care, you and the pet owner will be contacted for authorization to transfer care to the appropriate department. Once authorization is provided, the pet will be immediately brought to the specialty team for further care. Our specialty and emergency teams work together very closely to ensure a seamless transition for all patients.

Please fill out the Patient Referral Form and fax it back to us at 720-842-5060. Including any blood work from the last six months is also extremely helpful.

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