Is there an alternative to TPLO surgery?

Jun 03, 2024

Alternatives to TPLO surgery include lateral suture (extracapsular repair), TightRope, or TTA surgeries. We recommend the TPLO because it has the highest success and lowest complication rates. If complications occur, they are generally easier to manage.

Unfortunately, joint injections have not yet shown much benefit in healing the cranial cruciate ligament, and they do not eliminate the need for surgical stabilization.

Stifle (knee) braces can be considered. However, many dogs simply do not tolerate them. Some dogs will refuse to walk on the leg that is wearing a brace. They may be stubborn, but they may also be onto something, because studies have shown braces to be inferior to TPLO surgery for knee joint stabilization. Stifle braces can also be frustrating because long term use predisposes dogs to skin wounds and rub sores.