How is my pet cared for when hospitalized?

Jul 03, 2024

Your pet will be under the care of one of our specialists during the day and an experienced ER veterinarian overnight. A specialist is normally available via phone when they aren’t in the hospital. Your pet will the housed in the ICU or the intermediate ward. We have several large runs for bigger dogs and smaller kennels for cats and our smaller dogs. We also have a cat ward available for our nervous or shy feline patients.

Dogs will have a comfy bed and free choice water (unless it is not allowed for medical reasons). They will be taken outside to our backyard every six hours, if not more often. If they are unable to walk, we will do our absolute best to make sure they get some outside time every day. If you visit, you are encouraged to take your pet outside as well. We have both canned and dry food available. If your pet requires a special diet, please let us know so we do not inadvertently feed something they shouldn’t have. Belly rubs are freely administered along with frequent reassurances they are a good dog.

Cats will have a cat blanket, cat bed, or a box (for hiding) - whichever they seem to prefer. As with dogs, we have several food options for cats. Some cats will not eat in the hospital or are extra picky, so please feel free to bring in their favorite food or treats.

If you visit and have any concerns, please bring them to our attention. We strive to provide the best care veterinary medicine offers and our ICU technicians are devoted to keeping your pet comfortable and happy during their stay.