AESC Participates in Colorado State University Clinical Trial

May 01, 2019

Use of CBD in the treatment of canine epilepsy

The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy of treatment with cannabinoids on seizure frequency in poorly controlled epileptic dogs. Cannabis-based treatments of epilepsy have received substantial attention in the media lately, including anecdotal reports of major improvements in pediatric epilepsy.

Cannabidiol (CBD), a prominent non-psychotropic cannabinoid, has been shown to have anticonvulsant properties, offering a safe alternative to the psychoactive constituent, THC in the treatment of canine epilepsy. The American Kennel Club is sponsoring a study at Colorado State University’s College Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to assess the efficacy of CBD as a treatment for canine epilepsy, and AESC is proud to participate

Client Cost

$1,000 up front with a $300 rebate upon completion of the trial, which includes a neurological examination, chest X-ray, bloodwork, brain MRI, and spinal tap (actual cost of the workup would normally be $3,850).

Study Requirements

  • Patient must experience at least two generalized seizures per month for at least the past four months prior to enrollment in the study.
  • Metabolic and structural causes of seizures must be ruled out using MRI, CSF, and systemic disease testing.
  • Normal neurological exam for primary brain disease (spinal cord can be affected).
  • No concurrent malignancy or other serious systemic disorder that is incompatible with this study.
  • Patient systemically healthy with no indication of life limiting disease processes on bloodwork (CBC/chemical profile).
  • Client must be willing and able to follow proposed rechecks for 28 weeks.
  • Client must be willing and able to keep a daily questionnaire and seizure log.
  • Complete owner compliance with study requirements.


  • Patients must undergo a neurological exam, chest X-ray, a brain MRI, a spinal tap at AESC in order to confirm epilepsy and rule out systemic disorders, and must be on at least 4 weeks of standard anticonvulsive therapy.
  • Patients will be given a placebo for half the study (12 weeks) and CBD for half the study (12 weeks), with a 4 week washout in between treatments – 28 weeks of total study time.
  • Blood specimens and spinal fluid samples are an integral part of the treatment program and will be taken at the following intervals: spinal tap at the start of the study and blood draws every 4 weeks throughout. Tissue and fluid samples collected from patients will become the property of Colorado State University.
  • Patients must return to AESC for the prescribed recheck examinations (every 4 weeks) following entry into the study. If a patient stops returning for these recheck appointments and does not complete the trial or treatment is altered at any point during the study, the client will not receive a $300 rebate and the patient will be disqualified.


If you believe your patient may qualify for this study and your client is interested in participating, call us at 720-842-5050 and ask for one of our board-certified neurologists.
If you are a pet owner, talk to your family veterinarian to learn more about whether or not you qualify.