Pharmacy Technician

Nov 29, 2021

Title of Position:  Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Pharmacy Technician

Department: Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Pharmacy

Reports to: Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Practice Manager

Rate of Pay: $17 - $20 Hourly

Overall Responsibility:  Provide support by assisting doctors, technicians, clients and outside pharmacies in filling prescriptions and by being a liaison between them to meet the needs of our patients, doing so in a kind, compassionate manner.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • FILLS PRESCRIPTIONS – Processes requests for prescriptions via phone, hard copy prescriptions and all  Cornerstone requests. Needs to be able to correctly identify drugs and understand basic units of measure; call in prescriptions, when necessary, to outside pharmacies or other veterinary hospitals.
  • CONTROLLED DRUGS – Completes a daily cycle count of all controlled substances. Checks in and logs/labels all new medications after getting them signed off by someone in Administration. Notifies Practice Manager when new controlled drugs need to be ordered.
  • INVENTORY/RECEIVING – Is familiar with hospital supplies and where they are kept.  Receives deliveries and verifies packing slips against purchase orders, stocking shelves and the Cubex appropriately.  Checks for low stock and records on want list.  Regularly reviews inventory to eliminate any expired drugs and records and wastes. Communicates what medications need to be ordered to Practice Manager and provides Purchase Orders to the Practice Manager. (Ordering is to be done for pharmaceutical drugs only.)
  • QUARTERLY INVENTORY - Under the direction of Practice Manager, conducts item inventory count on a quarterly basis.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE– Must provide compassionate client service and communication, whether it is directly to the client, or on their behalf by being an intermediary between clients’ outside pharmacies; Professionalism is a must, always treating clients with courtesy and respect.  A pharmacy tech must have effective written and oral communication.
  • RESEARCHES – Makes inquiries to outside pharmacies at doctor’s requests for patient needs whether to locate necessary medications not carried by AESC, to reduce cost for clients due to financial restrictions to better serve our patients, etc.
  • WORKS INDEPENDENTLY- Must have good problem-solving skills and be able to handle stressful and possible emotional situations.
  • SHIPS MEDICATIONS – When requested by a client, fills prescriptions to be mailed, charging out and packing for shipping.
  • TEAM PLAYER – Needs to be able to work well within AESC with technicians, doctors, CSRs, managers and other AESC pharmacies. Cross trains with CSR’s should help be needed.

Educational Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent.  Previous pharmacy experience is required.  Certification desirable, but not mandatory, providing that the candidate successfully completes training given.

Physical Requirements (if any): Able to lift up to 50lbs.  Standing and sitting for long periods.

Interacts with: Clients, Doctors, outside pharmacies, Technicians, Client Service Reps and various AESC Staff.