Neurology Technician

Nov 29, 2021

Title of Position: Neurology Technician

Department: Neurology

Reports to: Hospital Director

Rate of Pay: $17 - $24 Hourly

Overall Responsibility:  Neurology technicians possess excellent technical skills and a strong knowledge of neurology and neurological procedures. AESC’s doctors and technicians challenge themselves to stay current in their field and practice leading edge veterinary medicine. The AESC team works well together in a highly collaborative manner, yet also allows room for autonomy and advancement.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Facilitate the doctors daily schedule.
  • Prepare exam room for each visit, including tools needed for each exam (otoscope, muzzles, etc).
  • Retrieve patient charts from client services in order of appointment time or doctor request.
  • Greet clients, obtain patients current body weight, reason for visit and brief history. Obtain other vitals and labwork as needed.
  • Patient workup: including x-ray, blood work or other diagnostics
  • Anesthesia: induction, maintenance, monitoring and recovery
  • Surgical preparation of patients
  • Scrubbing in to assist during surgical procedures
  • Circulating in the operating room
  • Cleaning and maintaining surgical equipment
  • Anesthesia monitoring specifically for CT scans and MRI testing
  • Other duties as needed

Educational Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent required.  At least 1 year of animal experience preferred.

Skill Requirements: Strong ability to multitask and anticipate needs. Excellent communication with staff, and between staff and upper management. Good attendance. Handles stress well and keeps a positive attitude. Excels at conflict resolution and superb at problem solving.

Physical Requirements: This job is physically active and requires frequent bending. It also requires routine lifting and restraining of animals in excess of 50 pounds.

Interacts with: All areas of the hospital.