Emergency/Critical Care Technician

Jan 21, 2019

Department: Emergency

Reports to: Technician Manager

Rate of Pay: $22 - $27 Hourly

Overall Responsibility:  Emergency/Critical Care Techs must be outgoing and independent, making use of ALL available time. Emergency/Critical Care Techs must have the ability to perform and react in a wide variety of daily situations as well as work with every department in the hospital. They must possess excellent communication skills. An Emergency Tech provides a link between clients, client services, doctors, and technicians. They must be able to react in ANY situation in a professional and efficient manner.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Triage patients as they come in to the ER
  • Care for hospitalized patients – administer medications, monitor vital signs, other duties as ordered by the treating veterinarian
  • Prepare exam rooms for each visit, including tools needed for each exam
  • Retrieve patient charts from client services or referring department
  • Greet clients, obtain patients current body weight, reason for visit and brief history.
  • Obtain other vitals, labwork, and diagnostics as needed.
  • Perform and assist with all aspects of animal restraint for exams and procedures.
  • Preform all types of restraint, venipuncture for all types of blood work. Administer SQ fluids, medications, ect per doctors orders.
  • Basic grooming as needed.
  • Complete estimates, basic record keeping.
  • Assist with anesthetic procedures as needed.
  • Other duties as needed.

Educational Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent required.  At least 1 year of animal experience required. Veterinary Technician Certification preferred.

Skill Requirements: Strong ability to multitask and anticipate needs. Excellent communication with staff, and between staff and upper management. Good attendance. Handles stress well and keeps a positive attitude. Excels at conflict resolution and superb at problem solving.

Physical Requirements: This job is physically active and requires frequent bending. It also requires routine lifting and restraining of animals in excess of 50 pounds.

Interacts with: All areas of the hospital.