Animal Emergency & Specialty Care

Rehab Treatments Available

Cryotherapy/heat therapy
Using cold packs we can decrease the inflammatory response after an injury which decreases pain. The application of heat increases blood supply to tissues, helps muscles to relax and stretch and generally reduces pain as well.

Laser therapy has been used successfully in humans for over 30 years. It uses light to create a physiological effect in the body which treats pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, wounds, and arthritis.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
This modality uses a low level current that aids in muscle contraction, and decreases swelling. It is very useful for neurological and orthopedic patients, to prevent or treat muscle wasting, control muscle spasms, decrease swelling and pain.

Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (TENS)
TENS, like NMES, produces a low level current that controls pain by disrupting pain perception pathways.

Manual Therapy
Using techniques adopted from human physical therapy, joints are mobilized in specific and targeted ways to restore range of motion and function.

We use a temperature controlled underwater treadmill with patients who can benefit from low-impact exercise. Overweight, post-surgical, and neurological patients are often more successful in achieving their goals using the buoyancy and resistance of water. The underwater treadmill is much more specific and controlled than open water swimming, which does not allow full joint extension and, in some cases, can be counterproductive to our goals. Patients often feel more comfortable in this environment with their encouraging owners close to them. The underwater treadmill is also extremely beneficial for our working, show and agility dogs who need to be in top physical condition.

Therapeutic Exercises
Both passive and active exercises are performed to improve functional mobility in our patients. A wide variety of specific, goal oriented, exercises are taught to owners as part of the home exercise plans. As the animals progress they are re-evaluated and exercises are modified to accomplish new goals.

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