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Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical rehabilitation is the treatment of injury or illness to decrease pain and restore function. It is an extremely valuable tool in veterinary medicine particularly for musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We look at the entire animal, focusing not only on the obvious problem, but the compensatory issues that develop as a result of it. Together, with owners, we help to improve the quality of our patient’s lives and keep them fit, active, and pain free.

If you are looking for:

    • A full musculoskeletal and neurological assessment
    • A customized home exercise plan to treat your pets condition
    • An alternative pain management plan when medications are not helping or are contraindicated
    • Help for your pet’s weight loss needs
    • Options other than surgery
    • Guidance and treatment after your pet has had surgery
    • A great way to keep your pet fit, strong, and performing at their best

Our certified canine rehabilitation therapist, Stevan Allen, offers:

    • Thorough evaluations
    • Low level laser therapy
    • Cryotherapy/heat therapy
    • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and TENS
    • Manual therapies
    • Therapeutic exercises
    • Hydrotherapy in an underwater treadmill
    • Customized home exercise plans

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