Animal Emergency & Specialty Care


Extensive neurological and surgical expertise, coupled with the latest cutting-edge equipment and technology, allow us to provide our patients with the highest level of care. Our double boarded neurologist, Curtis Probst, diagnoses and treats many types of neurologic problems. Dr. Probst, and his neurology team, provide state-of-the-art diagnostics, technology, surgical procedures, treatments and follow-up for dogs and cats. Plus, they work closely with your family veterinarian to ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis, treatment plan, and pain management.

Treatment for neurologic diseases:

include neurosurgery, seizure assessment and management, pain management, brainstem disorder management, encephalitis and neuromuscular disease treatment.

1.5 T MRI:

to assist in diagnosing seizures, brainstem disorders, cervical and thoraco-lumbar surgery, head and brain trauma, spinal trauma and encephalitis/meningitis.

Neurologic Surgery:

spinal surgery (e.g.,-disc decompression, cyst decompression, spinalcord tumors), and intracranial surgery (e.g., brain tumors, hydrocephalus shunt placement, etc.)

If your pet is undergoing a neurologic procedure at AESC, we will ensure the most effective course of pain management to treat and comfort your pet.

AESC prides itself on offering quality care and treatment options. Our specialists work collaboratively with our clients and their family veterinarian, to provide choices about their pets’ care so one can make decisions about treatment that fit one’s values, lifestyle and budget.