Animal Emergency & Specialty Care

Cost Estimates/Payment Policies

Specialty Services

To receive an estimate for a procedure, please call to speak with one of our specialty nurses. We are often able to give an accurate estimate over the phone; however, in some complex cases, we may or may not be able to provide an accurate estimate prior to a physical examination and/or diagnostics.

If you are comparing our services and costs to other specialty care services, please be sure to consider the following:
• If anesthesia is required, what level of monitoring is available? We offer the highest level of anesthesia monitoring.
• What kind of technology is available? We use state of the art equipment, instrumentation for the most current and up to date procedures and techniques.
• Is 24-hour care available? Our facility offers 24-hour care, 7 days a week. There is always a doctor and nurse on the premises, and a nurse is always within ten feet of your pet to provide immediate care, if necessary.
• Are pain levels monitored and treated? We offer aggressive pain management during applicable procedures. Patients are closely monitored and assessed for pain and then treated with one or more of the following methods when necessary: epidural, local anesthetic block, intravenous pain medications.
• Are the most qualified doctors caring for my pet? Only the most qualified specialists will be treating your pet here at AESC. You can rest assured that your pet is in the best hands while under our care.
At the time of drop-off, you will be asked to sign your consent for the procedure or surgery. Full payment is due at the time of pick-up. In the case of an emergency, a deposit may be required.

Emergency Services

In the case of an emergency, upon arrival to the clinic, your pet will be assessed for injuries first by a nurse and then by a doctor.

An emergency nurse will provide an estimate, which will include a low end and a high end for cost of services. Before moving forward with treatment, a deposit equal to the amount for the low end estimate must be made. Upon pick-up, the remaining balance, if any, is due.

Citi Health Card & CareCredit

We understand that caring for your pet can be financially difficult. For those clients in need of assistance, we accept Citi Health Card & CareCredit, both of which offer a 6-month, no interest payment plan. The programs work just like a credit card to make it easier for you to care for your pet. Learn more or apply for Citi Health Care, click here.