Animal Emergency & Specialty Care


Part of the challenge of being a veterinarian is that we cannot ask our patients, “where does it hurt?” or “what seems to be the problem?” Since Dr. Doolittle is only fiction, modern veterinary medicine has worked hard to compensate for the lack of this important patient-doctor communication. And with great success.

Like its human medicine counterpart, veterinary radiology is central to diagnosing and solving many medical problems. Similarly, veterinarians use x-rays and ultrasound to help diagnose health conditions. While most family veterinarians utilize x-rays, our specialist has advanced training, allowing her to offer more detailed information and analysis to the veterinarian so they can accurately treat the problem.

Radiology and ultrasound have become cornerstones of veterinary medicine. Working as a team with your regular veterinarian, we can quickly and accurately identify the problem. It’s the next best thing to speaking their language.

AESC’s radiology and ultrasound services are provided by Dr. Sandy Wang and Dr. Ed Leigh, both are Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Please call 720-842-5050 for appointments or more information.


  • Ultrasound does not “see” through hair—therefore, we will be shaving your pet over the area of interest to allow for a thorough ultrasound examination.
  • Ultrasound gel, a water-soluble gel that improves the quality of the ultrasound image, will be applied to the ultrasound area.  This gel will be carefully wiped from the pet after the exam, but some residual gel will remain on the skin surface and surrounding hair.  This gel is non-toxic and will not stain surfaces.
  • The ultrasound takes between 45-60 minutes to perform.
  • We will call you when the ultrasound is complete and your pet is ready to be picked up.


If you or your family veterinarian would like to have one of our Doctors consult on your pet’s condition, please discuss your wishes with our receptionist.  Consultation fees in addition to the ultrasound cost will apply.