Animal Emergency & Specialty Care

Internal Medicine

Extensive internal medicine expertise, equipment and technology, allow us to provide the highest level of care for our patients. Our board-certified internal medicine specialists, Dr. Anne Dalby and Dr. Michelle Marsh, are trained to diagnose and treat all types of diseases including:

  • cardiac
  • respiratory
  • gastrointestinal
  • urogenital
  • endocrine
  • neurologic
  • immunologic
  • hematologic systems
  • infectious diseases
  • cancer care

Our internists work closely with the family veterinarian when caring for your pet to ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Internal medicine procedures include (but are not limited to):

  • Bronchoscopy
  • Rhinoscopy
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Cystoscopic-assisted urolith retrieval
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy
  • Bone marrow aspirates
  • Joint and spinal taps
  • Chest and abdominal ultrasound
  • Ultrasound guided biopsies
  • Blood gas analysis and blood pressure monitoring
  • Advanced therapeutic modalities include:
    • Enteral nutritional support
    • Total parenteral nutritional support
    • Feeding tubes: esophogostomy, PEG, Jej, J though G, gastrostomy
    • Chemotherapy for cancer treatment
    • Respiratory and ventilatory therapy
    • Ventilator treatment

AESC prides itself on offering quality care and treatment options. Our internal medical specialists work collaboratively with our clients to provide choices about their pets’ care so they can make a decision about treatment that fits their values, lifestyle and budget.